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The Startup Operations community is strong! We emphasize community support and connections throughout and beyond the semester through casual gatherings, small group discussions and lots of asynchronous support on our private Slack group. As community members, you are among an esteemed group of committed students and alumni focused as much on their academic success as the success of their startup journeys - as founders, joiners or investors.

Our students also go on to raise capital/grants, win contests and receive valuable non-dilutive cash prizes!

Harvard-specific contest finalists and winners include New Venture Competitions (current students & alumni), Social Enterprise Competitions, Black New Venture Competitions, Shark Tank (@HBS) and the President's Innovation Challenge.

External recognition includes Forbes 30 under 30 and SXSW (to name a few!)

Here's what our alumni have to say...

"I took Startup Ops with my cofounders and it was truly a game changer for our business. Julia has a deep wealth of knowledge and network of experts who help you actually build and grow your startup, from product, to hiring, to GTM. Most importantly, Julia is truly committed to helping you navigate the ups and downs of startup land - it’s rare to have a professor that you know you can call any time you are facing a challenge as a founder, even as an alum! Lastly, the community we formed during SO remain to this day some of my closest friends and people I can turn to when I feel stuck or need advice. If you’re serious about building a startup, Startup Ops is a no brainer."

- Janvi Shah (MBA ’22), Co-Founder & CEO at Hue


"Startup Ops is a must-enroll course if you are serious about entrepreneurship. The course gives you highly practical tools you can apply to your real business setting. Turns out, operating a start-up is really hard — but this course gives your real, hands-on tools. Two years on, we still refer back to the course material regularly."

- James Theuerkauf (MBA '22), Co-Founder & CEO at Syrup Tech


"Out of all classes I took at HBS, Startup Ops is by far the most mission-critical, impactful and practical course I took in my two years there. From iterating to product market fit, to growing your team / 'balancing hats', to navigating the challenges of prioritization, pricing and go-to-market, this class taught me lessons I refer to weekly as a full-time founder, long after graduation. Thank you for providing us with a space to 'learn while doing' and dive headfirst into the challenging and fulfilling aspects of operating and scaling a startup. Finally, Julia's hands-on mentorship is unmatched -- any startup would be lucky to have her as an advisor!"

- Kristina Hu (MBA '22), CEO and Co-Founder at Candoor


"Startup Ops was the most important class I took during HBS. I took away tools I still use daily in planning and scaling my business. That you also get a community of fellow founders to turn to when the times get tough is the ultimate cherry on top."

- Sam Koch (MBA '22), CEO and Co-founder at Otto

"Being part of a community of founders (past and present) has been an invaluable resource, and one of the most meaningful experiences at HBS. We lean on this network all the time - from sharing our wins to asking quick tactical questions to seeking advice when things get tough, the SO community continues to be mission critical to life as a founder at HBS!"

- Madeline Smith & Austin Boral (HKS-MBA '23), Co-Founders at Roundtable

"Startup Ops has been a key part of my entrepreneurship journey at HBS. Julia’s coaching was instrumental in pushing our team to rapidly get in front of customers and test as we refined our offering. The bonus has been the special founder community I’ve found through this class; it continues to be a tremendous source of support, empathy, and advice through the ups and downs of this journey!"

- Angela Gu (MBA '23), CEO and Co-Founder at Hively

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